jQuery vs MooTools – Which One Is The Best?

30 Oct

These two frameworks just aren’t trying to do the same things. They overlap in the functionality they provide, but they are not trying to do the same things

Opposite Directions

MooTools is aimed more at JavaScript developers, while jQuery is more for people who want to implement JavaScript functionality in the easiest possible way.

jQuery is for people who aren’t necessarily interested in delving deep into JavaScript while MooTools provides an object-oriented framework for hardcore JavaScript development. This is why most people find MooTools harder to use in comparison to jQuery.

jQuery makes working with the DOM easier. MooTools makes working with all of the JavaScript language – not just the DOM – easier.

Both are fantastic libraries/frameworks and I think the better question for you to ask is

Which one should I use for this project

This can be determined by circumstances beyond your control e.g. The project leadership has already selected a framework for you, or the application development framework you are developing on is already using one over the other – and you may wish to avoid bloating-up your application with multiple libraries and increasing load times (not to mention script conflicts).

Different Camps

Here’s an example of what the world’s most popular PHP content frameworks have chosen:

Drupal – jQuery
WordPress – jQuery
Joomla – MooTools

I work in each of these environments and I recommend to anyone doing the same to view jQuery and MooTools as tools – not competitors. You might simple prefer the one over the other, at the end of the day they are just JavaScript; and there’s a right one (tool) for the job at hand.

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